Who we are

CGO alumni visiting current CGO students in Winter 2020

The CGO partners with the New York-based Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs to foster learning, service, community, and leadership at the University of Oregon, and incorporates many student-led projects in its activities.  The CGO is led by Director Shaul Cohen who is a professor in the UO Department of Geography and a Global Ethics Fellow with the Carnegie Council and the Director of the University’s Prison Education Program, and by Associate Director Caroline Lundquist, who is a professor in the Philosophy Department and the Clark Honors College. The  CGO is also led by student staff and mentors who are active in every aspect of our programs.

The CGO brings leaders from many walks of life to work with our students in a mutual exploration of the ethical issues that challenge us in our lives and our careers.  CGO students have the opportunity to engage with noted figures through small group conversations, weekly shared meals, internship opportunities, and employment.  CGO guests include leading figures such as Nigerian author Chimamanda Adiche, a “MacArthur Genius” ; Jim Shephard, CEO of Bank AIG in Europe; Sister Helen Prejean, human rights crusader and author of “Dead Man Walking”; Salman Ahmad, UN Ambassador, author of “Rock and Roll Jihad”, and Pakistan’s top recording artist; Major Chad Plaistad, US Army Special Forces (a former student of Prof. Cohen), and many others.  The CGO ranges broadly in its pursuit of ethical understanding, and works with guests from different backgrounds including business, human rights, military, international development, environmental, clergy, UO Administration, and many other areas.

CGO students come from across the UO student body and are self-selected.  The group is limited in size, but – space permitting – is open to all those who demonstrate a commitment to contribute to the group and advance our shared goals during their time at the University of Oregon.  To join the group students sign up for the Carnegie Global Oregon Freshman Interest Group prior to their Freshman year, or seek out CGO students and staff to discuss the possibility of joining at a later time.  The CGO is an incubator for academic excellence and fosters a strong sense of community.   A better sense of what we’re up to can be gained by going to our linked webpages.  CGO students are also available to respond to questions via email, Skype, or an on-campus conversation.